GreenMill 4.0

Intervento cofinanziato nell’ambito del POR Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020 -
Asse prioritario 1 - Ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico, innovazione 
Azione 1.6 “Interventi per il rafforzamento del sistema innovativo regionale e nazionale e incremento della collaborazione tra imprese e strutture di ricerca e il loro potenziamento” 
BANDO INNONETWORK – Aiuti a sostegno alle Attività di R&S


Continuous energy efficiency

Zero-defect manufacturing

Implementation of predictive maintenance solutions


Real time visualization of machines data through augmented reality


GreenMill 4.0

predictive maintenance, efficiency and augmented reality



The goal of the project was to create a hardware/software system for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and optimization of productive milling processes in Industry 4.0 key.

In particular, the system will be applied to the flour production plants (semolina and flour) belonging to the Casillo Group, world leader in the sector and end user of the project.

GreenMill 4.0 aims to achieve:

  • continuous energy efficiency through the reduction of energy consumption of milling plants;

  • optimization of production processes by eliminating defects in real time (Zero-Defect Manufacturing);

  • supply of a predictive maintenance program to the operators and realtime machine data visualization through augmented reality.


GreenMill 4.0 (GM) includes specialized modules that work together:

  • GM-DataCollector (GM-DC) is the Industry 4.0 data collector, based on hardware embedded and installed on the plant: the acquired data are sent to the GM-EfficiencyOptimization and GM-MaintenanceQuality modules for following analysis and evaluations.

  • GM-EfficiencyOptimization (GM-EO) is the decision support software module that analyzes and processes big data coming from the field (through GM-DataCollector) and from automation and production management systems to achieve continuous energy efficiency of the plant and optimize production processes, calculating the optimal configurations of machines and processes and providing, in real time, a decision support to operators.

  • GM-MaintenanceQuality (GM-MQ) is the hardware/software module developed on an embedded platform that analyzes and processes big data coming from the field (through GM-DataCollector) and from automation and production management systems to provide operators of a program of predictive maintenance, to signal any incipient failures (avoiding, therefore, the plant stops) and to minimize production defects in real time (correcting the grain mixtures to obtain flours and semolina with characteristics supplied by specifications).

GreenMill 4.0 Architecture

Augmented Reality

  • GM-AdvancedDataVisualization (GM-ADV) allows the visualization of the reports processed by the GM-EfficiencyOptimization and GM-MaintenanceQuality modules on the data collected by GM-DataCollector, in order to monitor the status of the plant, the machines, and the production process directly on the plant itself. The operator can view information regarding the quality of the production in progress, reports of non-optimal configurations of machines and processes or the state of health of the machine.
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Giuseppe Leonardo Cascella, PhD



MSc with honors and PhD in Electrical Eng. @Politecnico di Bari (IT)

EU Marie Curie Fellow @Nottingham University (UK)

40+ international papers

30+ industrial and R&D projects

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