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HORIZON 2020 – project 680633

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Zero-defect manufacturing

Energy Efficiency

Produzione on demand

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 zero-defect manufacturing ed Energy Efficiency system for production of polyphenolic extracts





plant managed by SPS

production waste reduction

energy consumption reduction


The overall aim of the project is the experimentation​ of an innovative supervisor system on a polyphenolic extraction plant to reach two competitive goals, such as:

  • removal of production defects (Zero-Defect Manufacturing): finished product characteristics remain within the strict limits imposed by quality control and the quantity of product discarded for non-compliance is reduced to a minimum;

  • energy efficiency of the plant: the production chain is optimized to reduce energy consumption while ensuring a compliant production.

The particularity of the process did not allow the achievement of these objectives with a standard supervision system. This is because the compliance range is very tight, and the chemical/physical characteristics of the finished product are heavily influenced by environmental factors (temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.), the characteristics of the raw material and the processing time.

Plant working scheme in the prevoius configuration

Plant working scheme after SPS installation


Idea75 has developed SPS (Smart Polyphenol manufacturing Supervisor).

By combining CPS and IoT technologies, SPS implements a Decision Support System (DSS) on the production line of polyphenolic extracts at Poli4Life's production plant.

SPS consists of an advanced system for forecasting and evaluating the quality of the product. This system monitors the production process, detects defects and deviations from the conformity range of the finished product, and reacts with the automatic adjustment of machine settings.

SPS retrieves information from the production line to provide suggestions to the operators on the actions to be taken to improve the quality and the energy efficiency of the process, based on historical data and KPIs.

SPS is based on a 3-level architecture completely compliant with BEinCPPS standards:

  • Field: consists of sensors, actuators and a gateaway (SPS-gw) for data acquisition from the field and actuations management;

  • Factory: middleware for managing the communications between the field and the cloud system;

  • Cloud: guarantees storage, data processing and the user interface.

SPS Architecture

SPS Gateway


Smart Polyphenol manufacturing Supervisor  enabled:

  • 20% reduction in the waste rate of non-conforming finished product; 

  • 10% reduction in global energy consumptions of the producte line.

  • 15% improvement in the mean quality of finished products.

Poli4Life - Terni (TR, Italy)

Reduction of the waste rate of non-conforming finished product before and after SPS application 

Energy consumption comparison: before and after SPS application

stakeholders & Credits

Giuseppe Leonardo Cascella, PhD



MSc with honors and PhD in Electrical Eng. @Politecnico di Bari (IT)

EU Marie Curie Fellow @Nottingham University (UK)

40+ international papers

30+ industrial and R&D projects

Antonio Sacchetti, MSc


Tera srl

MSc in Electronic Eng. @Politecnico di Bari (IT)

MBA @SPEGEA Business School 

CEO @Tera srl (winner of the Seal of Excellence - Horizon 2020's SME)

Author of 3 italian and 2 international patents,

2 community designs and 1 copyright

40+ industrial and R&D projects


Politecnico di Milano

The Polytechnic of Milan is an Italian university institute characterized by a scientific and technological nature and founded in 1863. The fields of study and research include the three macro-areas: engineering, architecture and industrial design.



Poli4Life is a young company, addicted to research, with highly qualified staff and excellent collaborations, which offers the market a highly effective polyphenolic concentrate.


Tera srl

Tera is a young innovative SME born from the fusion of the experience acquired, in several years of activity, by a group of engineers and managers operating in the renewable energy and electronic sector, both in industrial and R&D contexts.


BEinCPPS final review meeting - Bruxelles - December 2018

December 11, 2018

​SPS has been presented as one of the best 4 projects at BEinCPPS final review meeting in Bruxelles.

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Zero-defect manufacturing

Produzione "on demand"

Key Performance Indicator

Decision Support System

Energy Efficiency

Industry 4.0