VARS -  Verifica e Analisi Rischio Sismico


Evaluation of site dangerousness

Analysis of the vulnerability of buildings

Evaluation of seismic risk

Preliminary calculation of Sisma Bonus



The application for seismic risk analysis for professionals and researchers



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The project stems from the idea of creating an easily accessible and always available tool for the analysis of seismic risk able to operate throughout the national territory. 

The goal is to allow professionals to easily calculate in real time the response spectra and synthetic accelerograms even during an inspection simply by accessing the application from their smartphone or tablet.

The reduction of seismic risk requires the assessment of the vulnerability of buildings and the subsequent adjustement or improvement intervention to guarantee greater levels of safety. The procedures for assessing the seismic vulnerability of buildings can be conducted with different degrees of complexity of calculation: from more qualitative estimates, based on the sheets of the main features of the building elements, to complex numerical analyzes using linear and non-linear calculations.


Idea75 developed VARS, the web-based application dedicated to professionals and researchers for the analysis of seismic risk and Sisma Bonus.

The application is divided into three phases that allow the user to enter the characteristics of the studied building and obtain the results. The three phases resume the classic structure of seismic risk analyzes carried out on the single building and are:

  • site danger: identification of site danger with possibility to calculate elastic spectra and synthetic accelerograms;

  • building vulnerability: definition of building features and calculation of Sisma Bonus with the possibility of calculating project spectra;

  • risk: assessment of the risk in terms of integral probability and pursuant to Ministerial Decree 65 of 07.03.2017 (Sisma Bonus) in terms of PAM and IS-V in a conventional and simplified manner with the possibility of printing the asseveration form (MD 65 of 07.03.2017 AnnexB).

Each phase contains several submenus for selecting the parameters. The data is processed automatically and the output is obtained in real time.

Data entry interface

Return periods graph

Site search interface for seismic risk analysis


By means of VARS it is possible to carry out multiple types of analyzes useful for the risk assessment.

  • Through Sisma Bonus it is possible to carry out analyzes in accordance with MD 65/2017 preliminary anlysis of the building of interest;

  • for every point of the national territory the probability of failure can easily be calculated;

  • accelerograms are generated that are compatible with the spectra assigned according to the Technical Standards for Construction;

  • the risk maps of the national territory can be viewed for some structural types.

Accelerogram graph

Elastic response spectra

Risk class assessment

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Giuseppe Leonardo Cascella, PhD



MSc with honors and PhD in Electrical Eng. @Politecnico di Bari (IT)

EU Marie Curie Fellow @Nottingham University (UK)

40+ international papers

30+ industrial and R&D projects

Università di Roma La Sapienza

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